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Barrel separated from decoration barrel, wine storage barrel,and packing barrel in our company

oak barrel

The use of oak plays a significant role in winemaking and can have a profound effect on the resulting wine, affecting the color, flavor,tannin profile and texture of the wine. Oak can come into contact with wine in the form of a barrel during the fermentation or aging periods. It can be introduced to the wine in the form of free-floating oak chips or as wood staves (or sticks) added to wine in a fermentation vessel like stainless steel. The use of oak barrels can impart other qualities to wine through the processes of evaporation and low level exposure to oxygen

Many people have opinions regarding the barrel size when storing whiskey. Old timers insist that whiskey stored in smaller barrels is inferior to large barrel storage. They refer back to an experiment performed at a rather large whiskey distillery. The experiment involved 3 kinds of whiskey stored in three different kinds of small barrels. After a period of time, the small barrel whiskey was compared with whiskey stored in larger barrels. According to the story, the small barrels were lacking, which the old timers claim validates their large barrel preference. Eventually, the experiment was discovered to be suspect and it was never repeated.

Craft distillers, a small scale distilling much like micro-brewing, normally use a small oak barrel to age their brew. They believe that the barrel size determines the length of time it takes for the whiskey to absorb the wood flavor. A small oak barrel promotes this aging faster than the large barrels; whiskey that is brought home usually comes in smaller barrels and is aged more quickly.

The process of aging is based on the expansion and contraction of the beverage. In warm climates, whiskey expands and interacts with the wood and cooler weather allows is to settle. Small barrels promote this process more efficiently and the flavor is transferred quickly.

The results of small oak barrel storage yield significantly superior outcomes and the trend of whiskey production has shifted as a result. Small oak barrel aging produces a unique and different flavor than traditional aging in large barrels. Though the old timers occasionally still scoff at the small oak barrel process, if you age your whiskey in barrels that are smaller, your reward will be whiskey full of great taste and flavor unlike any you have ever had. Of all the types of wood used, the small oak barrel is preferred by most whiskey lovers.